Dallas Floodway Extension, Trinity River Project



Subsidy Type


Committees of Jurisdiction

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

$ FY 16 Budget Score (in mil.)
$459 FY 16-25 Budget Score (in mil.)

Neighboring the Fort-Worth Central City project, the Dallas Floodway Extension, Trinity River Project is an Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) flood control project on the Trinity River. Under this project the Corps seeks to extend existing levees while cutting a 600-foot wide swath (swale) through the Great Trinity Forest. The project’s principal economic justification is increased flood control for downtown Dallas. Yet, most of these benefits could be obtained for a fraction of the project cost by simply raising one of the existing Dallas levees and conducting a voluntary buyout in flood prone neighborhoods. This would provide the most effective flood protection for the area, with dramatically less impact to the floodplain.

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