Fossil Energy Research and Development Program


Energy - Fossil Fuels

Subsidy Type

Committees of Jurisdiction

Senate Committe on Appropriations

$632 FY 16 Budget Score (in mil.)
$6,320 FY 16-25 Budget Score (in mil.)

In the Department of Energy (DOE), the Office of Fossil Energy manages the Fossil Energy Research and Development Program (FER&D), which includes the Carbon Capture, and Storage (CCS) Demonstration Programs; CCS and Power Systems Program; and Natural Gas Technologies R&D program. CCS is the process of separating carbon dioxide from fossil fuels, pumping it deep inside the earth, and leaving it stored in underground geologic formations such as exhausted oil and gas fields. The CCS Demonstration Program is dedicated to exploring applications for CCS on natural gas facilities. The CCS and Power Systems program conducts R&D on technologies to reduce coal and natural gas power plant emissions. The Natural Gas Technology Program conducts research on improving the health, safety, and environmental impacts of shale gas development.

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