Mixed Oxide – Fissile Materials Dispositions – Construction


Energy - Nuclear

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House Natural Resources Committee

$340 FY 16 Budget Score (in mil.)
$3,400 FY 16-25 Budget Score (in mil.)

The United States and Russia entered into a Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement in 2000, agreeing to mutually dispose of at least 34 metric tons of surplus weapons-grade plutonium by converting it into Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel for use in nuclear reactors. The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), within the Department of Energy (DOE), manages the Plutonium Disposition Program and is responsible for the design and construction of two facilities for the conversion of the plutonium into reactor fuel: 1. MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility to remove impurities from plutonium feedstock obtained from nuclear weapon pits, form the plutonium into MOX fuel pellets, and fabricate pellets into fuel assemblies for use in a reactor; 2. Waste Solidification Building (WSB) to process radioactive liquid waste streams from the MOX facility into solid waste forms suitable for disposal at DOE sites in New Mexico and Nevada. In 2007, NNSA estimated construction of the MOX facility would cost $4.8 billion and start operations in September 2016. In its 2016 updated performance baseline report on the facility, the Department of Energy stated in anticipated construction costs to total $17.2 billion and the completion date to be extended until 2048.

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