Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs


Energy - Fossil Fuels, Energy - Nuclear, Energy - Alternative

Subsidy Type


Committees of Jurisdiction

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, House Science, Space and Technology Committee

$0 FY 23 Budget Score (in mil.)
$8,000 FY 23-32 Budget Score (in mil.)

The Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub program will fund grants or cooperative agreements for six to ten hydrogen hubs, which are intended to develop a network of hydrogen producers, consumers, and transportation infrastructure. The Department of Energy (DOE) must fund at least one hub using fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable energy and at least one hub demonstrating hydrogen use in each of the following sectors: transportation, heating, power, and industrial use. All hubs are directed to use energy resources abundant to the region and at least two hubs are to be located in areas with abundant natural gas.

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